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What is the composition of a good Whisper Listing Tweet?

A good whisper listing tweet uses Hash Tags to identify the topic, and most importantly the location of the property. In this case #whisperListing and #Home4Sale  are the topic and #MyCity and #state are the location (for example #Southlake, #TX).   

This Tweet uses the exterior of the home so we provide a tiny bit of information about the picture and the home.  If you are tweeting the kitchen, then use a photo of the kitchen.   A good plan is to tweet the front of the house and a few hours later tweet something unique about the house to follow up, this keeps the momentum and visibility going.

If you already have tours up for the listing reserve 22 characters for the hyper-link to it. Be sure your link goes directly to where you want the viewer to go, don't make them to search for what you want them to find.  Just linking them to your website isn't going to get them to information about your whisper listening.  When it comes to hyper-links, go deep!

Perhaps the most important bit of information is the contact; remember not to make your reader work at find out how to contact you or where to get more information.

The originator of this tweet was the photographer, so he used the mention feature of twitter to identify the Realtor @realtorhandle.  This means it feeds to the originator, the @realtorhandle, and anyone who retweets it.  This tweet was designed to travel.

Twitter vocabulary for Realtors

A good Tweet will include the complete address with the city hash tagged (for example #Keller), omit the zip code and use only common abbreviations for drive street lane etc...  This makes the listing address search-able on the web getting your message out faster with more content in different places.   A well composed Tweet travels!

Terms, functions and designations unique to Twitter

#Hash tag 

Identifies topics. Categorizes messages and enables people to search on them. I've listed some popular ones used for real estate below


Identifies humans. It's your on line users name, and how people will address and find you. Keep this mind the next time you are tempted to use the "@" symbol instead of the word "at".


Communicate with the originator of the Tweet.  They are generally public, but it's dependent on the users setting and following relationships. Someone might see the answer of a question they didn't see. Example of a reply: 

@MLSImages thanks for Tweeting my #Home4Sale.

In a Reply the @handle is the first word in the tweet.


Effective for growing beyond of your sphere of followers.  Use Mentions freely! It's powerful. Example of a Mention: 

WOW @MLSImages did a great job shooting my #Home4Sale in #Keller.  New #listing, ere is the link:  Thanks!

In a Mention the @handle is placed any where in the tweet.


Again exceptionally powerful, doubling the impact of your Tweet.  The information AND photo gets sent beyond the sphere of your Tweeps (all those people who like and are interested in what you say). It's a complement to the originator!

To be sure your tweets are "ReTweetable" limit them to about 120 characters; this allows the user to insert a bit of their own information. 


This is a fabulous way of acquiring Tweeps.  Both yours and more importantly, followers of the originator of the Tweet see the favorite!


Direct Message can only be sent to those who are following you, but you don't have to be following that user to send one.


URLS - Internet Addresses

URLs (A.K.A. Internet addresses) of any length will be altered to 22 characters.  Just paste into the composer and Tweet.  Don't Tweet the same URL with every Tweet: it will be considered spamming.  "Go deep" always point directly to the article or page you want your Tweeps to see.

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