What is so special about Whisper Listings?

  • Whisper Listing

    It's like the "coming soon" sign that is put up at the home before the house is offered.   This allows listings to be marketed during the 2-5 day downtime before they appear on the MLS.

  • Pocket Listing

    This type listing is the short time between when it is secured by the sellers' agent and the time it appears on the MLS. A listing can sell before the MLS upload is completed, this happens with an offer made during a "prelisting" period. The listing sold to someone who knew about the listing outside of the MLS, a friend, a buyer , or a colleague.

  • Quiet Listing

    Inventory is the lowest it's been in years, and we are entering a seller's market. More sellers and buyers are hoping to benefit from this type of quiet strategy when launching their marketing.

    Whisper, Pocket, or Quiet Listing are different terms for the same "pre-listed" home for sale that enables you to be on top of the housing market.

    The Twitter hash tag  #DFWWhisperListing provides the infrastructure and mechanism to broadcast your listings in a highly visible and searchable environment that is easy and free to use.

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Realtors Empowered Through Technology

When we lived in small communities, and communication was a trusted verbal face to face exchange, consumers shared information over the back fence. This direct personal communication has the ability to "make or break" the new shop on the corner. Social media is the new back fence. Today's digital communication is about how to engage human relationships using technology.  Digital communication and relationships, empowers Realtors through technology by connecting with buyers and sellers.  #DFWWhisperlsting Twitter hash tag delivers quality information quickly in an highly visible, easy to access and use venue to people who want the information.   

@WhisperListing, #DFWWhisperListing

Would you like to know about new "exclusive right to sell" listings BEFORE they hit the MLS?

Whether representing BUYERS or SELLERS, we must be ON TOP OF OUR GAME in 2014! If it's anything like 2013, an advantage in knowing about Coming Soon Listings enables us to better represent our clients. Having a place for "whisper or pocket" listing information has ADVANTAGES for both BUYERS and SELLERS:

BUYERS Offers a small window of opportunity to see properties during the prelisting period and possibly avoid multiple offer situations.

SELLERS Save the hassle of showing the property and possibly save expenses by their homes selling quickly (repairs, upgrades, extra marketing)